Pain is Not Quantitative
On May 14, 2017 | 2 Comments

Hey, I hope your week has been going well!

If you are having any struggles, then I hope the best for you.

Here’s a post I had written and kept on my computer since February, but never posted it, until now.


Pain is what hurts and everyone feels it. We each have our own threshold. Yes it’s not easy to say to not give up.

Most times you want to give up, and you want to fall and mourn, and feel like there is no hope…but there is something you can do. Understand that it means something is wrong. Whether it’s your body, your heart, your mind. Pain is telling you something is wrong and it’s begging you, it’s screaming to you to do something different. It’s telling you this is not who you are. Its saying you’re not giving me what YOU need You’re giving me what others think you need, or what you just want. That’s when your change can happen, or rather your growth.

It’s not a race.

Work out everything. What makes you happy? What is hurting you? What strengthens you? What gives you purpose? What drives you? Pain is not strength, but strength will follow when you heed the plea. When you listen, it’ll light hope. So it’s about listening. Listen and get to know yourself.

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