I Have a Fire
On May 21, 2017 | 2 Comments

I have a fire in my belly,

Feed me, feed me,

Feed me

With the burning passion

Of faith and determination


No longer am I in the confines

of what the naysayer defines

me as the others in a bunch,

there’s a difference to a hunch

and the digging to the root

there, there you will find the truth!


I have a light that keeps flickering

Inside me, it readies for triggering

The wax of my bones readying

For the supernova to shine

This light is not simply mine

But I do own its fuel

The love, the faith, formed a jewel

Out of all the pressure and abuse

But now it’s been put to good use!

I continue to feed my drive

Because now I am alive

The darkness won’t consume

Me, I am the lit room

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