Update Sequel and Change
On May 25, 2017 | 0 Comments

Hey, wonderful! Life’s been full of wonder for me actually.

The Sequel

I’ve been writing my sequel and I’m seventeen chapters in. Already more than halfway! Woohoo! This’ll be a short update about my progress with everything recently. I love the feeling of writing another book. I get to revisit my original characters and introduce a few new ones. I’ve had tons of fun writing the more spirited and spunky characters so I know for sure you’ll be getting more character development. So, you can look forward to that.


If you’ve read about my post on hypothyroidism you’ll know I’d been fighting to heal myself. Life can take you by surprise and you’ll find yourself lost sometimes. It happens. In those times I don’t try to push myself too much. There’s a difference between doing nothing because you don’t feel like it and having something force you to stay stagnant. I was making excuses for a while now: ‘I’m too busy’ was my biggest one.

To combat that,  I tried to challenge myself. Yup, I went all: ‘ I bet you can’t change your eating habits and you know, amp up your fitness and make it even better. I dare ya!’ and yeah I motivated myself.

Motivation is tough.

Yup, to everyone it’s not something easy. At least not at first. You have to find what pushes you. What really makes you want to do that thing that’ll help you grow, help you achieve something you’ve needed. For me, I had to make it as a challenge for myself. Tell myself that: ‘You know, if you do this, you’ll get more energy. Do it and see what happens.’

Creating a schedule was a huge breath of air for me. If I write it down and keep it where I can see it, It’ll be easier for me to actually do it. Post it on the wall. Prepare things. For example, you want to eat better? Do the prep for it. Get rid of the junk food. Bring fruits and vegetables. Make things before hand and freeze them. Have family members or friends join you.

Support is a big deal.

Doing it on your own may not help you stay on track. If you can’t find family or friends that are willing. You can always chat online with like minded people and join the forum. Motivate and share your progress with others.


Well, I said this was a short update, but I managed to write a lot anyways. Haha. My main point is to create your motivations. Have help, like me telling you, you can do this. Try. Trying will help you achieve something.

Something is always better than nothing. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something amazing.

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