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I used to look at myself with hate

But then one day, fate

Decided that I should endeavor

So, it put you and I together

I thought you’d be my mirror

That if I saw hate you would too,

But you set out to prove it untrue


When I thought I looked a mess

Your expression would express

Awe and warmth, not a glare

And I never liked anyone stare

At me, but if it was you, I didn’t mind


Instead of the anger and abuse

That I was so very used

To getting, your skin would flush

And it was care that would gush

From your actions

Two souls more than attraction

More like a true connection


Don’t you know?

Why I’d never show

You my emotion?

Or speak at all?

I saw your devotion

But fear had chained me

Pain had constrained me

But my hope remained alive

Now I’ve broken free and strive

To be the best me I can be


Perhaps that’s why

You’re my catalyst

I can aim higher than the sky


And remain down to earth

I don’t want to be put on a pedestal

Because I wasn’t meant to be a damsel

And you were never meant to be a prince

I was meant to be my own hero

And if the eyes are the window

To a soul, you’ve always been a champion



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