How Psyche Twist is important
How Psyche Twist is Important
On September 25, 2017 | 0 Comments

I am so anxious to get Psyche Twist out

Why? Because I want to brighten people’s lives. There’s messages that needs to be heard. There are characters who go through depression, pain, anxiety and tough relationships and a lot more.

How Psyche Twist is Important

Through out the series, the anti hero grows. He’s precious to me, because he is the manifestation of my past. A negative, broken, but very determined person. I USED to be that. ( yeah, me, the happy, seeing the bright side- person) I was broken, numb, but damn I was stubborn and determined anyways. I want to show you are not alone and that hope doesn’t have to end when you break.

You don’t break down. You break free!

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