progress update January
Progress Update January 2018
On January 14, 2018 | 0 Comments

Hey, it’s been a while huh? There’s so much I want to update you on. It’s been a long year. So much has happened! Even now, I’m racking my brain trying to remember what I did and what happened. let’s see what went on, shall we?

  • Published Crack of Dawn (As you know. I still can’t get over that one!)
  • Continued polishing up my YA Fantasy with a Hijabi Main Character (was Psyche Twist)
  • Worked on the sequel to said Fantasy story (I’m more than half way done!)
  • Started another secret WIP among others. (Shh )
  • Had amazing Beta readers (Seriously, you all saved this story. You are stars!)

My patience was tested these past months. Sometimes family won’t be as supportive of your dreams or career goals. It’s okay. Find people who are in your shoes. They’ll support and motivate you. That is what it’s been for me. Mainly the community of writers on Twitter have been phenomenal!

Here’s an aesthetic for the fantasy story:


Novel Aesthetic

Here’s two things which have been so important for me to do:

When reality starts getting tough. I do two things.

  1. Express my feelings: talk it out, cry, write
  2. Get up and do something to change it RIGHT in the present.

I used to simply ask questions and suffer I’ve learned from my past. I won’t live the same behavior again.


Right now, what I’m focusing on is revising my current finished fantasy story and writing another story idea. The one I am finished used to be called Psyche Twist. I’ve since changed the name. It’s now called Crowning Soul.  I’ll be posting about it as I update the site with relevant information. Stay tuned for that. : )

Thank you to everyone who supports me: my subscribers, my readers and followers. You are all important. I want to end this post with something you should remember.

Your voice is important.


You can find me on twitter @Bittersweetbook

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